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Hat sizing

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

How do you make sure the hat will fit perfectly? It comes down to size, ease (or stretch), and style.

Size is described by head circumference in inches, centimeters, or both (see chart below). Measurements should always be taken of the body itself. To measure head circumference: Wrap a flexible measuring tape snugly (not tightly) around the head (from the forehead all the way around). Don't have a flexible measuring tape? Use a piece (or two) of 8.5" x 11" computer paper to estimate your head circumference. Tape two sheets together to create one long piece that measures 22" and wrap it around your head. This will help you determine how much larger or smaller than 22" your head is.

Ease is the next aspect. Often times this is called stretch. If an item has positive ease, that means the item is bigger than the person and is meant to fit loosely. Positive ease is used more with sweaters than hats. If it has negative ease, that means the item is smaller than the person, and is meant to fit snugly. So a very stretchy hat may have -4" ease. That means that even though the hat measures 12" in circumference, it can stretch to fit a head that is 16" in circumference. In other words, the hat is -4" the size of the head. The stretch will be indicated in Size Description on the individual product page.

Style is about how the hat is meant to fit. If you like your hats to be snug all around your head, you may want to check out the Barrett style hat. If you like your hat to fit snugly around a cuff but have some drape at the top of your head, check out the Baker. For an all-around versatile hat that is adjustable to your size and style, the Farm hat is your best bet.

Contact us for additional size information, including dimensions of specific products.


Head circumference between 9” and 12”.


Head circumference between 14” and 16.”


Head circumference between 16” and 18.”


Head circumference between 18” and 20.”

Adult small

Head circumference between 21” and 22.”

Adult medium

Head circumference between 22” and 23.”

Adult large

Head circumference between 23” and 24.”

Adult extra large

Head circumference between 24” and 25.”


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