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About us

Minnesota Fiber Goods is your marketplace for handmade goods.

I make things because I like working with my hands, but creating for other people is always the most satisfying. One of the ways my creative work can be for others is to use it as a way to help I recoup the cost of materials, and I pay myself a modest flat rate per piece. Beyond that, every dollar goes toward supporting housing and food insecure folks in my neighborhood.


I'm grateful for donated materials, and I accept any fiber content of donated material as long as it's clean. When I purchase materials, I buy 100% natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, etc.


I'm also grateful for product ideas or suggestions. My aesthetic is timeless basics, and I have a great affection for color. I'm happy to help you develop or realize an idea you have. Minnesota Fiber Goods come to you as objects already cared for, objects ready for every day use, and objects I hope will become your new favorites.


Y'all are great. Thanks for your support.


I love to see my work getting used! Whether it's out on the town, out in the wild or just in the living room, tag me on social @minnesotafibergoods.

Everyday artistry. Made to be used.

Minnesota Fiber Goods was created by Kate Roarty, an entrepreneur and fiber enthusiast who wants to make lovely items for lovely people.

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