About us

Minnesota Fiber Goods is your marketplace for handmade goods.

Minnesota Fiber Goods items are made by everyday people who find a distinct joy in making things for others. We take pride in what we do and we are delighted to share our handmade items with others.

Our products come to you as an object already cared for. They were not made by a machine, but a person with a life and backstory, who finds a distinct joy in sharing their craft. They are objects ready for everyday use, ready to become your new favorites.


We love to see our work getting used! Whether it's out on the town, out in the wild or just in the living room, tag us on social @minnesotafibergoods.

Minnesota Fiber Goods is transparent about who we are, what we do, and what we value.

Minnesota Fiber Goods believes that values aren't something you have, they're something you do. Here's what we value, and how we are putting those values into action.


We value community. We believe that we don't just get to have the communities we want, it is our responsibility to imagine and create them together. So we donate at least 6.12% of our revenue to support racial justice in the Twin Cities.


We value our natural environment. We believe that crafting and fashion can be fun and slow. We believe that plastic consumption should be reduced. We believe that we can and should spend money in our own communities first. We believe in reusing and re-purposing. So we use natural fibers and repurpose existing materials whenever possible, in both our products and packaging.


We value learning and growing. We believe in being curious. We believe in asking questions, and tracking down answers. Our motto is, "try something, learn something." So we share our process through social media.  Follow us on Instagram @minnesotafibergoods.



Everyday artistry. Made to be used.

Minnesota Fiber Goods was created by Kate Roarty, an entrepreneur and fiber enthusiast, committed to providing a marketplace for everyday artists and makers to share their expertise, craft and goods.