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Bulky Barrett Hat errata

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Row 40, 43 and 46 in the original patterns had errors (decreases were too frequent). Starting with row 40, the pattern should read:

Row 40: K5, K2tog, *K10, K2tog* to end

Row 41: K around (no dec)

Row 42: *K9, K2tog*

Row 43: K4, K2tog, *K8, K2tog* to end

Row 44: K around (no dec)

Row 45: *K8, K2tog*

Row 46: K4, K2tog, *K8, K2tog*

Row 47: *K3, K2tog, K4, K2tog*

Row 48: *K2, K2tog, K3, K2tog*

Row 49: *K2, K2tog*

Last updated December 21, 2021.


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