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Bernie Mitts errata

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Errata for Bernie Mitts PDF pattern, published January 21, 2021. Errata last updated Jan 23, 2021. Thank you to those who have pointed out inconsistencies, errors and confusing bits! I'm working on updating the charts to be easier to read, with bigger row numbers. <3 Kate

You will need approximately 176 yards total to make the pair of mittens:

For color 1: 33 yards.

For color 2: 29 yards.

For color 3: 39 yards.

For color 4: 13 yards.

For color 5: 35 yards.

For color 6: 27 yards.

Throughout the pattern, you should K the RS stitches and P the WS stitches to work in pattern.

Cast on row: cast on 16 sts in color 1

Front of mittens

Row 56: decrease 1 st each side

Row 57: decrease 1 st each side

Row 58: no dec

Row 59–61: decrease 1 st each side

Note about decrease rows: these decreases will add shaping. Additional shaping can be done when seaming mittens together.

Palm of mittens

Work once for left thumb, and once for right thumb. Be sure to place thumb holes on opposite sides/mirror image. The thumb hole is created by working the stitches on either side of it separately (similar to how many button holes are created). Do one thumb with rows marked A first, then rows marked B. For the second thumb, do the reverse (rows marked B first, then A).

Row 87-89 are worked in two parts: the short side of the thumb hole (3 sts) and the long side of the thumb hole (13 sts). Thumb holes are made by holding 5 sts of color 5 (teal) on scrap yarn.

Row 87A (working color 5): work 13 sts, put next 5 sts on scrap yarn. You will pick these 5 sts up (and 2 others) when working the thumb. For the other thumb, work 2sts, put the next 5 sts on scrap yarn, then turn to work Row 88 in pattern.

Row 88A: Turn to K back across the same 13 sts worked in row 87A.

Row 89A: P13, cut yarn.


Row 87B: work 2 sts in pattern, turn.

Row 88B: work 2 sts in pattern, turn.

Row 89B: work 2 sts, cast on 5 sts, work across to sts on other side of thumb hole.


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