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All product listings online include materials information as well as instructions for care or maintenance. Following care instructions is important to keep your goods looking and wearing their best. Because each item is handmade, there may be slight irregularities within an item or dissimilarities between identically named products. Colors may vary slightly from photographs. Minnesota Fiber Goods does not offer refunds. 


We can often customize colors, patterns or sizes. Please note that custom items require additional information and time, and may increase the price of an item. Use our Custom order form to design your own custom piece, and visit our contact form to request all other custom items.


We offer free pattern support for all MFG patterns. Pattern support can be delivered in a variety of methods including live chat, email, phone call or video call, depending on the specific support. Use the contact us form to be in touch.



Not seeing the info you're looking for? Ask us! Use our contact form to ask other questions or provide feedback.

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