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Wool dryer balls (set of 3)

Color: green
  • Dryer balls get the job done. They reduce static and drying time, AND they reduce the need for notoriously bad for the environment one-time use commercial dryer sheets. They're also made from leftover yardage from other projects, reducing waste. They are 100% wool, so they quietly bounce around your machine, circulating air and absorbing moisture. Use 3 - 6 balls per load and just store them in the dryer when you're done. When you're totally done with them (after about 1000 cycles), toss them in your compost bin. No fuss, no waste.

  • Pack includes 3 dryer balls, approximately 3" in diameter. See pictures for size comparison to a golf ball. There may be some variations in size, because this product was made by a real human person.